Specialising in three key themes Specialising in three key themes

Our scholars are specialists in one or more of three research areas:

Cultural politics, communications and media

We have an international reputation among Politics and International Relation departments in the UK and beyond for our distinctive research in Cultural Politics, Communications and Media. Indeed, we are one of few such Departments that host academics whose research and teaching focus primarily on media and communications and their interplay with politics, and the first department in the UK to run a degree in Cultural Politics. The driving assumption of our research is that culture and politics cannot be separated; on the contrary, cultural production is a field where social, economic and political values and power relations are (re)produced and challenged. Our research engages with three main research strands: the politics of culture, media policy; and political communication.

Public policy and public management

Our scholars investigate aspects of policy and public management individually and in collaboration with colleagues elsewhere in the University and beyond.  Key research themes include: British politics; electoral institutions; EU institutions and administration; competition policy and regulation; environmental policy and sustainable development; media policy; policy theory; science and public understanding - with actively fostered, close relations with practitioners and research institutes.

Critical Global Politics

The Critical Global Politics (CGP) research group at the University of East Anglia houses researchers working across key areas of international politics, including migration, foreign policy, political economy, international law, religion, global cities, terrorism, and counter-terrorism.
CGP has two particular research strengths. First is in non-mainstream critical approaches to studying global politics, with special expertise in feminist, constructivist, English School, post-structural and historical materialist approaches. Our second research strength is in critical security studies, broadly conceived. CGP is home to cutting edge work into new approaches to understanding, researching and contesting the ways in which security challenges are framed and managed. Together, these strengths offer a lively and active intellectual environment for academic staff, post-doctoral researchers and postgraduate students.

Cultural Politics, Communications and Media



Public Policy and Public Management



Critical Global Politics