International research seminar with a focus on Wittgenstein's philosophy International research seminar with a focus on Wittgenstein's philosophy

The UEA Wittgenstein workshop is an international research seminar with a focus on Wittgenstein's philosophy broadly understood. This includes its background and influences, Wittgenstein's relation to his interlocutors, the reception of his philosophy and its relation to 20th century philosophers and philosophical movements, Wittgenstein's relation to and relevance for contemporary positions and debates in philosophy.

The workshop

The workshop meets several times per term, and is attended by our academic staff, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. While the workshop constitutes an important component of Postgraduate research training, in 2014 we would especially like to encourage Undergraduates to attend: this is an opportunity to experience philosophical research in action and get a glimpse of Postgraduate life. Generally anyone with an interest in Wittgenstein at UEA or other HE institution, or with relevant interests and background is welcome to attend. Talks are given by invited speakers from the UK or overseas, our academic staff, and Postgraduate students.

Originally set up by Rupert Read, the workshop has by now been running for a number of years. Currently it is co-ordinated by Oskari Kuusela (to whom any inquiries should be directed).

Past speakers include Gordon Baker, Bill Child, James Conant, Simon Critchley, Cora Diamond, Simon Glendinning, Martin Gustafsson, Jane Heal, Daniel Hutto, Juliet Floyd, Vasso Kindi, Wolfgang Kienzler, Michael Kremer, Marie McGinn, Anat Matar, Ray Monk, Katherine Morris, Stephen Mulhall, Michael Nedo, Graham Priest, Richard Raatzsch, Wes Sharrock, Barry Smith, Peter Sullivan, Charles Travis, Crispin Wright, and others.


Typically work presented at the workshop is work in progress. In order to make the occasion maximally useful and interesting for the speaker and ourselves, the bulk of the two hours of the meeting is devoted to discussion. Usually we follow this format: 1) The speaker sends his/her paper beforehand for us to read; 2) The meeting starts with a 10-20 minute introduction by the speaker, where he/she explains key issues relating to the paper and/or highlights issues for discussion; 3) Discussion; 4) Drinks and dinner with the speaker.

If you would like to attend a meeting, please read the paper beforehand. Past and upcoming Wittgenstein workshop papers are collected on the Wittgenstein workshop site accessible through the UEA Portal, which constitutes an archive for the workshop. In order to access the archive you need a UEA username and password and to be registered as a workshop member. Please request the author's permission for any quotes; most papers are work in progress. If you would like to become a member, please email Oskari Kuusela.

Download the programme [PDF]