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PSI research selected for special issue marking twentieth anniversary of Security: A New Framework for Analysis

Security: A New Framework for Analysis has become one of the most important and influential texts within contemporary security studies. The book - written by Barry Buzan, Ole Wæver and Jaap de Wilde – introduced the theory of ‘securitization’ as a way of making sense of the process through which particular actors successfully persuade relevant audiences that something – terrorism, migration, climate change, etc. – constitutes an existential threat to something else that matters – the state, ‘our way of life’, the ozone layer, and so on.


To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this book’s publication, the journal Security Dialogue have now published a virtual special issue, bringing together a set of published articles which probe, extend, and critique securitization theory in different ways. All of the articles are freely available here, including a 2017 piece co-authored by PSI’s Lee Jarvis and Tim Legrand of the Australian National University. Their article – available here – explores some of the ways in which parliamentarians debate, and specifically question, the addition of new terrorist organisations to the UK’s list of proscribed groups. This, they suggest, has implications for conceptions of the audience, temporality, and beyond within securitization theory.


Lee and Tim are currently developing this work via a new book on proscription, which builds on this piece and their research in related articles – including this analysis of parliamentary debate in this area as a ritualised process