Career History

2017 -            CHIPPS (Senior Research Associate)

2016 – 2017   Using community pharmacy to improve care for asthma patients who do not attend for yearly review : a pilot service evaluation (Senior Research Associate)

2016 – 2017   Urgent Care Pharmacists Project (Senior RA/Project Co-ordinator)

2016              Integrating the Pharmacist Fully into the Hospital Ward Team (Senior RA)

2007 – 2015   SCOOP Study - Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of osteoporosis screening in older women for prevention of fracture (Senior RA/Local Trial Co-ordinator)

2005 – 2007    SCOOP Feasibility Study (Research Associate)

2003 – 2005    HOMER and Heartmed Trials

2002 – 2003    A&E Trial

Academic Background

  • BA, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic, 1988

All Publications

Hung, M. Y., Wright, D., Blacklock, J., Needle, R.


Identification of the benefits, enablers and barriers to integrating junior pharmacists into the ward team within one UK-based hospital,

in Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice


pp. 181-190

Full Text UEA Repository



Bell, K., Clark, L., Fairhurst, C., Mitchell, N., Lenaghan, E., Blacklock, J., Cushnaghan, J., Cooper, C., Gittoes, N., O'Neill, T. W., Shepstone, L., Torgerson, D. J.


Enclosing a pen reduced time to response to questionnaire mailings,

in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology


pp. 144-150

Full Text UEA Repository



Salter, C., Howe, A., McDaid, L., Blacklock, J., Lenaghan, E., Shepstone, L.


Risk, significance and biomedicalisation of a new population: Older women’s experience of osteoporosis screening,

in Social Science and Medicine



pp. 808-815

Full Text UEA Repository