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Coming soon: “Science the podcast; From Geek to Low tech speak”, with Lucka Bibic

Written by Grace Walden, School of Pharmacy

When someone asks you to communicate your science, what is the first thing that comes to your head? A room full of colleagues that are your seniors, and a comprehensive presentation of your hard earned data and detailed methodology? To many PhD students and experienced scientist, this is the case. Sure, talking with your peers about some exciting results is one of the best things about being a scientist, but sharing the same results in new and interesting ways to a broader audience is a different kind of fun altogether. One of the most important things a scientist can do is explain their data in a way that everybody can understand, making science more accessible. Someone has to inspire the next generation of Nobel Prize winners right?!

Lucka Bibic, a PhD student within the school of Pharmacy, set out to do just this and teach fellow students just how easy science communication can be. She established a personal and professional development course to give attendees a chance to make a podcast. She wanted to teach PhD students how to convey published literature in such a way that scientific research within the school could be accessed quickly in a 30 second sound grab trailer for the media.

The podcasts were a great success and have attracted interest from the British festival of science and the BBC. Here you can listen to a short trailer and a snippet of all 5 of the podcasts before the full versions are aired on the university’s radio station Livewire. Please contact Lucka Bibic ( for more information.  You can also hear Lucka on BBC Radio 5 live's science podcast here.

Lucka Bibic