Requester and member FAQs Requester and member FAQs

How do I get help?

How does it work?

Once we receive the request we will review your requirements and ensure we get the member(s) with the right skills and experience involved. In some cases a senior member may contact you in order to find out more about your requirement and ensure we get the right members working with you.

Once our members have come forward to provide help, we will make the introductions and leave the Norfolk Knowledge member to make contact for the first meeting.

After establishing contact and your initial meeting, we would typically envisage the mentoring period to be around 6 – 8 hrs worth of meetings spread over several weeks or even up to 6 months. Of course each request is different, and the longevity of the mentoring relationship may vary. Any requester/mentor arrangement that goes beyond what we would normally expect would be entirely at the discretion of the two parties involved.

We will request feedback from clients that we have been able to help. We use this to improve the service that we offer, and in some cases, once agreed with the client, we may use it for publicity and marketing material.

One of our strengths is that we work as a team, so that any member can always request additional help or talk to other members about aspects of the request where a wider involvement could help.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing. Norfolk Knowledge members provide their service for free.

What we do ask however, is for requesters to provide feedback on how Norfolk Knowledge has helped. Occasionally we may ask if we can use this feedback for publicity or marketing.

Who can become a member?

Our members are mainly senior business professionals, or people who have/still are running their own business. They are professionals that have some time to spare to help small to medium businesses, or third sector organisations around the county, overcome their key challenges.

You may even be retired or semi-retired and wish to use some of your time to both help others and stay involved in the world of business.

If you are unsure, why not call us on 01603 591934 for a chat. If you like we could even arrange for you to have a chat with an existing member who would be able to answer your questions and explain Norfolk Knowledge in more detail.

How do I become a member?

By completing the application form here: Member Form

Once the form has been processed, somebody from the admin team will get back to you.

We will also ask you to complete a member profile so that we get to know a bit about you, how involved you want to be and what you hope to get out of Norfolk Knowledge.

What Commitment Do I Have To Make?

The commitment really comes down to how much time you wish to offer. We operate across the county, and you may be prepared to travel, or, you may wish to be only involved in requests for your part of Norfolk. That really is driven by you, the member. We do ask however that members are active.

You may also wish to become involved in helping to run Norfolk Knowledge, which is something we would greatly appreciate. As a voluntary organisation we welcome any assistance that may help us extend and enhance our offer.

Not all requests will be for your field of expertise so you may feel unable to assist. However, we have all developed other skills during our careers, and very often whilst you may not be expert in the area of the request, you will often find that you have skills and knowledge that can be used to good effect.