NBS research ethics information NBS research ethics information

All research undertaken within the Norwich Business School (NBS) that involves human participants or data containing personal/confidential identification information must meet the University's ethical standards and requires ethical clearance before it starts. This means that you must not begin to contact potential participants or start data collection until ethical approval has been granted.  Ethical approval cannot be granted retrospectively. NBS has a Research Ethics Committee (NBS-REC) which is a sub-committee of the University  Research Ethics Committee (U-REC). The Chair of the NBS-REC is currently Dr Zografia Bika. All ethical approval applications to the NBS-REC will be considered as rapidly as possible, whilst applications falling outside the scope of the Committee's expertise will be referred to another appropriate REC of the U-REC. Applications with special ethical considerations may be supported by a project summary and other relevant documentation that describes their research methodology in detail.  In preparing a research ethics application, applicants should refer to both the University of East Anglia's Research Ethics Policy and other appropriate ethical guidelines such as those published by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. The primary responsibility for considering  ethics in research lies with the lead researcher, student supervisor or equivalent.

NBS has a two-stage ethical approval process for reviewing research projects. There is an initial E1 form (RESEARCH ETHICS CHECKLIST) that provides a preliminary assessment of whether further ethical approval from the NBS Research Ethics committee is required or not, and whether there are ethical concerns which require close scrutiny. The Privacy Notice Checklist for Norwich Business School researchers must also be attached to the E1 form.If the research project raises ethical concerns, the E2 form (APPLICATION FOR ETHICAL APPROVAL OF A RESEARCH PROJECT) must be completed and the application cannot be treated as 'light touch'. The E2 form asks researchers to provide more information about how they plan to deal with the 'grey area' ethical issues raised by their research project. This does not mean that they cannot do the research but rather their proposal will have to be considered and approved by the NBS Research Ethics Committee. The E2 form provides the researcher with an opportunity to document more fully potential ethical issues and how the design of the research project will address or mitigate them. Click here to download the E1 form. Click here to download the E2 form. Click here to download the Privacy Notice Checklist.

All ethical approval forms applications should be sent electronically to the Chair of the NBS-REC.Please also contact Dr Zografia Bika (z.bika@uea.ac.uk), if you have any queries concerning research and ethics (which in the case of students your supervisor cannot resolve).