I work as a senior research associate on the Work, Learning and Wellbeing Evidence Programme for the Economic and Social Research Council funded What Works Wellbeing Centre. I hold a B.A. (Economics) from Hacettepe University (Turkey), and MSc (Economics) from School of Economics at University of East Anglia. I completed a Ph.D. (Management) at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia in 2016. I worked as a tutor and associate tutor in NBS and delivered seminars for “Economics for Business” and “International Business” for the first and second year undergraduate students.

My principal research interests lie in the field of labour economics and development economics. My Ph.D. thesis explored the gender inequalities in the labour market in Turkey in the context of low female employment rates, occupational gender segregation and gender wage differentials. I intend to expand my research on women and employment in my future studies, by focusing on the barriers to women’s access to decent employment, their intermittent labour market attachment, the potential obstacles they face at each transition up in the career ladder and, how these contribute to their social and economic wellbeing.

Working Papers:

  • The Role of Social Norms and Culture on Women’s Employment in Turkey
  • Exploring the Extent of Inequality Associated with Occupational Gender Segregation in Turkey (Available at “Cambridge Social Interaction and Stratification” (CAMSIS) project website at )
  • The Gender Wage Gap in Turkey: Does non-random selection into employment have a role?