Key Role Holders Key Role Holders

Role Name Email
Head of School Prof. Paul Dobson
Director of Learning & Teaching Prof.Naresh Pandit
Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Dr Kenneth Le Meunier-Fitzhugh
Director of Research Prof. Raphael Markellos
Director of Employability and Innovation Dr.Graham Manville
PGT Programme Director Ratula Chakraborty

UG Programme Director Amanda Williams
Director of Postgraduate Research Dr Pinar Guven Uslu
Director of Equality and Diversity Dr Josie Kinge
Faculty Manager Kirsty Walne
School Managers

Louise Cutting

Ollie Carlisle

Head of School PA Samantha Wright

Academic Teaching and Research Staff



Honorary Staff



Support Staff



Academic Teaching and Scholarship Staff



Research Staff



Associate Tutors



Research Students