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Norfolk Arthritis Register is a large community based, long term observational study investigating the cause and outcome of inflammatory polyarthritis. Founded in 1989.


SHIELD-MSK Staying Home in Isolation for Everyone Living with Disease

Help us to understand how the impact of the current "lockdown" is having on patients with musculoskeletal pain and social isolation and loneliness.


Musculoskeletal disease is defined as diseases primarily affecting bone, joint and muscles. It is one of the largest causes of disability and reduced quality of life worldwide. A number of studies suggest a link between social isolation and musculoskeletal disease and that social isolation can worsen musculoskeletal pain. In addition, physical activity is important in managing arthritis pain and symptoms. Researchers are the University of East Anglia are asking people to complete an online survey. It aims to better understand how the current Covid isolation measures are affecting people, their experience of isolating and how they are managing their joint pain during this time. 

By completing the survey we will be better placed to know about the effects of the social isolation measures, and changes in health services, on people's physical health and wellbeing. This information will help policy makers should self-isolation measures be needed in the future.

The survey is now in the follow up stages and we hope to publish some of our findings later in the year.

We have carried out an interim analysis of the data that we have obtained so far.   For more information about our findings click here.