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Norfolk Arthritis Register is a large community based, long term observational study investigating the cause and outcome of inflammatory polyarthritis. Founded in 1989.


NOAR findings

Over the past 25 years there have been more than 80 publications from the NOAR data published and presented internationally.  The NOAR study has an international reputation and has made a significant contribution to musculoskeletal medicine.

The findings cover the following areas:

  • Incidence and prevalence
  • Risk factors for development and outcome, including dietary and genetic risk factors
  • Outcomes: Radiological; Disability; Employment; Cardiovascular; Malignancies; Bone health;
  • Costs in terms of health economics and costs to patients
  • Comorbidities
  • Development of research tools
  • Effects of different treatments


Publications list

Lay summaries are now available on the Musculoskeletal research findings blog at Manchester                             


The impact of COVID-19 self-isolation measures on people with inflammatory arthritis:  Interim briefing report for health professionals.  Click here for more information.