Natural Sciences faculty members Natural Sciences faculty members

Dr Tharin Blumenschein - Head of Natural Sciences, Year in Industry and Year Abroad co-ordinator

Tharin has a BSc in Molecular Sciences, a course that has many similarities with Natural Sciences, and that’s one of the reasons why she enjoys being involved with Natural Sciences. She has a PhD in Biochemistry and teaches in modules that are part of the Natural Sciences Degree Programme. Tharin has also supervised final year Natural Sciences projects.

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Dr Nigel Clayden - Director of Learning & Teaching 

See Nigel's full profile on the School of Chemistry website.

Dr Mark Cooker - Natural Sciences Teaching Executive

Mark is a senior lecturer in the School of Mathematics. His research is in fluid dynamics, especially the mathematics of water wave impact and splashes. Mark lectures mathematicians and scientists in applied mathematics modules at all levels. He has also supervised project work in areas such as the diffusion of heat, acoustics, water-wave motion, liquid sloshing in containers, and impact.

See Mark's full profile on the School of Mathematics website.

Dr Chris Greenman - Project co-ordinator

Chris has a mathematics degree from Durham University, and a mathematics PhD from the University of Edinburgh, utilizing number theory to study the spacing distributions of quantized harmonic oscillators.

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Dr Robert Hall - Admissions Director

See Rob's full profile on the School of Environmental Science website.

Dr Michael Wormstone - Coursework Director

Michael is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences. His research utilises human cells and tissue to study human eye disease. In particular, he is interested in wound-healing events that follow cataract surgery, which lead to a secondary visual loss. His laboratory aims to further our understanding of the cell and molecular mechanisms underpinning wound healing in the eye and identify novel targets for future therapeutic development.

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Dr Garth Jones - Senior advisor & SSLC

Garth is a physical chemist who uses computational and theoretical techniques and is principally interested in excited state dynamics of molecules and light-molecule interactions. He develops mixed quantum-classical approaches to perform simulations of important processes in physical chemistry such as electron transfer, electronic energy transfer and photodissociation.

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Dr Alex Baker - Year in Europe co-ordinator

Alex's research interests have developed into the fields of marine and atmospheric iodine biogeochemistry and the atmospheric transport of nutrients and trace metals and their impact on the marine carbon cycle. 

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Dr Susan Matthews - Pharmacy Research Projects Coordinator

Susan's research interests are at the interface of chemistry and biology focusing on the development of smart drug delivery systems.

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Dr Tom Clarke - Chair of Exam Board

Tom teaches on modules in BIO and CHE as part of the Biochemistry program and his research on mineral respiring bacteria covers multiple natural sciences disciplines including microbiology, chemistry and geology.

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Job Title


Dr Tharin Blumenschein

Lecturer in Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

School of Chemistry

Dr Nigel Clayden

Senior Lecturer

School of Chemistry

Dr Mark Cooker

Senior Lecturer

School of Mathematics

Dr Christopher Greenman


School of Computing Sciences

Dr Robert Hall

Senior Lecturer

School of Environmental Sciences

Professor Michael Wormstone

Professor of Ophthalmology

School of Biological Sciences

Dr Garth Jones

Lecturer in Physical & Theoretical Chemistry

School of Chemistry

Dr Alex Baker

Professor of Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry

School of Environmental Sciences

Dr Susan Matthews

Senior Lecturer

School of Pharmacy

Dr Tom Clarke

Senior Lecturer

School of Computing Sciences