Focusing on patient needs, on an individual and population level Focusing on patient needs, on an individual and population level

Our research combines clinical, epidemiological and social sciences to extend knowledge that addresses the core challenges of primary care. We focus our research on patient needs, working both with quantitative and qualitative approaches, and addressing issues both at the level of individual patients and populations.

Some key current research areas are: health literacy and the consequences of diagnosis for predictive medicine, quality of care and relevance of guideline evidence to primary care, effectiveness of screening interventions, impacts of patient and public involvement, models of disability, and the ethics of reproductive technologies.


Academic Clinical Fellows

  • Jennifer Cole

  • Serge Engamba

  • Tom Hindmarch

  • Sarah James

  • Gregory Lewis

  • Emily Player

  • Tim Williamson

University Partners

The Group works with many others in the Department and across MED, also having regular collaborations with AHP (Simon Horton, Fiona Poland, Val Pomeroy), SNS (Jamie Murdoch) and PHA (David Wright, Debi Bhattacharya). Outside UEA, we have a number of grants with other universities, including Univ. of Herts, UCL, York, and KCL.

NHS Partners

We work with many general practices who host UEA research, and closely with the R&D team at Norfolk PCT who co-ordinate the Norfolk and Suffolk Primary Care Research Network. Dr Charlotte Salter is currently linked with the Research and Development Research Unit. We have a number of projects linked with NHS colleagues at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (Prof Sampson, Prof Scott, Dr Tarnya Marshall, Dr Phyo Mint, Dr Andrew Wilson); and at James Paget Hospital (Dr Justin Zaman). 

For more information about our research on improving access to primary care, visit our Access to GP Research page.