Collaboration with major cohort studies and researchers Collaboration with major cohort studies and researchers


Researchers at Norwich Medical School carry out a range of epidemiological research in the UK and overseas, often done in collaboration with major cohort studies and with biological researchers.

Nutritional Epidemiology

Nutritional research is focused on conditions related to obesity, chronic diseases that are responsive to diet, and nutritional issues associated with the ageing population. Research interests include:

  • Dietary flavonoids and cardiovascular and metabolic health

  • Micronutrient research

  • Fatty acids and cardiovascular health

  • Nutrition and healthy ageing

Geographical Epidemiology

This work focuses on the environmental, social, and policy influences on population health. In particular we undertake research to identify the manner by which characteristics of the social and physical environments act to influence key health related behaviours. We make use of geographical information systems and mapping technologies in much of our work. Key areas of interest are:

  • Obesogenic environments

  • Physical activity behaviours

  • Dietary behaviours

  • Environmental determinants of health outcomes

  • Rurality and access to health care

  • Spatial analysis and mapping

Epidemiology of Infection

Major underpinning themes are gastrointestinal microbiology in relation to food, water and health and the development and deployment of rapid technologies to profile pathogens and their antibiotic resistances. Key areas of epidemiological research include:

  • Global environmental health and water supply

  • Mechanisms, impact and prevalence of antibiotic resistance

Musculoskeletal Epidemiology

The Musculoskeletal Science group has current research strengths in epidemiology of connective tissue disease, fracture treatment and outcome, biochemical investigation of metabolic bone disease and calcium disorders, muscle metabolism in aging, molecular investigation of cellular processes in bone disorders and autophagy, tendon and cartilage biology. Key areas of epidemiological research include:

  • Epidemiology of connective tissue disease

  • Fracture treatment outcome

Medical Statistics

Medical statistics provides statistical support for a range of research activities within the Norwich Medical School including epidemiological studies and clinical trials.


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