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Gu, Y., Zeng, Y., Wang, Z., Dong, C.


BamA β16C strand and periplasmic turns are critical for outer membrane protein insertion and assembly,

in Biochemical Journal



pp. 3951-3961

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Gu, Y., Li, H., Dong, H., Zeng, Y., Zhang, Z., Paterson, N. G., Stansfeld, P. J., Wang, Z., Zhang, Y., Wang, W., Dong, C.


Structural basis of outer membrane protein insertion by the BAM complex,

in Nature


pp. 64–69

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Gu, Y., Stansfeld, P. J., Zeng, Y., Dong, H., Wang, W., Dong, C.


Lipopolysaccharide is Inserted into the Outer Membrane through An Intramembrane Hole, A Lumen Gate, and the Lateral Opening of LptD,

in Structure



pp. 496–504

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