Name Job Title
Dr Polly-Anna Ashford CTU Trial Assistant
Mrs Veronica Bion Clinical Trial Assistant
Mr Antony Colles CTU Senior Data Programmer
Miss Anne Conde Administrative Assistant
Miss Paula Didwell Administrative Assistant
Mrs Karen Durrant Office Administrator (NOAR)
Miss Katharine Goodall CTU Data Assistant
Miss Laura Green E-Learning Assistant
Ms Cecile Guillard CTU Data Assistant
Mr Gregory Howard CTU Trial Assistant
Miss Lisa Howlett Senior Administrative Assistant
Mr Christopher Jones Website Administrator to MS Programmes
Miss Llse King Administrative Assistant
Ms Ruth Kirk CTU Trial Assistant
Mr Lee Kitchman Clinical Trial Assistant
Mr Martin Pond Head of Data Management
Mr Martin Sams CTU Trial Assistant
Mr Andrew Simpson Masters Programme E-Learning Manager
Mrs Sharon Vout Administrative Assistant
Miss Jasmine Waters Facilities Manager