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Banerjee, S., Manley, K., Shaw, B., Lewis, L., Cucato, G., Mills, R., Rochester, M., Clark, A., Saxton, J.


Vigorous intensity aerobic interval exercise in bladder cancer patients prior to radical cystectomy: a feasibility randomised controlled trial,

in Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer



pp. 1515–1523

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Al Kadhi, O., Manley, K., Natarajan, M., Lutchmedial, V., Forsyth, A., Tabrett, K., Betteridge, J., Finch, W., Hollis, H.


A renal colic fast track pathway to improve waiting times and outcomes for patients presenting to the emergency department,

in Open Access Emergency Medicine


pp. 53-55

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Manley, K., Beezhold, J.


How do mental health professionals deal with uncertainty in suicide risk assessment?,

in European Psychiatry


(Supplement 1)

pp. 1628

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