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Lo Iacono, G., Armstrong, B., Fleming, L. E., Elson, R., Kovats, S., Vardoulakis, S., Nichols, G. L., Remais, J. V. (ed.)


Challenges in developing methods for quantifying the effects of weather and climate on water-associated diseases: A systematic review,

in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases



article no. e0005659

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Gerba, C., Nichols, G.


Water-based disease and microbial growth,

in Routledge Handbook of Water and Health.


pp. 51-70

ISBN 978-131743698-0;978-113891007-2

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McKerr, C., Adak, G. K., Nichols, G., Gorton, R., Chalmers, R. M., Kafatos, G., Cosford, P., Charlett, A., Reacher, M., Pollock, K. G., Alexander, C. L., Morton, S.


An Outbreak of Cryptosporidium parvum across England & Scotland Associated with Consumption of Fresh Pre-Cut Salad Leaves, May 2012,




article no. e0125955

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Lake, I. R., Hooper, L., Abdelhamid, A., Bentham, G., Boxall, A. B. A., Draper, A., Fairweather-Tait, S., Hulme, M., Hunter, P. R., Nichols, G., Waldron, K. W.


Climate change and food security: health impacts in developed countries,

in Environmental Health Perspectives



pp. 1520-1526

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Lake, I., Nichols, G., Bentham, G., Harrison, F., Hunter, P., Kovats, R.


Cryptosporidiosis Decline after Regulation, England and Wales, 1989–2005,

in Emerging Infectious Diseases



pp. 623-625

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