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Reynolds, A., Wharton, N., Parris, A., Mitchell, E., Sobolewski, A., Kam, C., Bigwood, L., El Hadi, A., Münsterberg, A., Lewis, M., Speakman, C., Stebbings, W., Wharton, R., Sargen, K., Tighe, R., Jamieson, C., Hernon, J., Kapur, S., Oue, N., Yasui, W., Williams, M.


Canonical Wnt signals combined with suppressed TGFβ/BMP pathways promote renewal of the native human colonic epithelium,

in Gut



pp. 610-621

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Krupa, L. Z., Kennedy, H. J., Jamieson, C. P., Fisher, N., Hart, A. R.


The reasons for discontinuation of infliximab treatment in patients with Crohn's disease: a review of practice at NHS teaching hospital,

in ISRN Gastroenterology


pp. 672017

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