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Seminar - Epidemiology, Clinical Trials and Medical Statistics

Aiming to showcase and share innovative research methods

The first seminar of the series is being held in January 2017

Title:  Structural Equation Modelling and Mediation Analyses
Speakers: Prof Max Bachmann & Dr John Ford (MED)
Date:  Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Time:  13:00 to 14:00 
Venue: Queens Building 0.09

Summary:  Population health and health care are influenced by many factors which work through complex casual pathways.  Conventional regression models may be invalid or confusing if they simply lump together variables located at intermediate points along casual pathways.  Structural equation models provide a logical and coherent way of modelling such pathways.  They have the added advantage of requiring a clear theoretical framework before one plunges into statistical analysis of complex data and processes.  We will present a brief introduction for non-experts to the use of structural equation modelling and mediation analyses within epidemiology and public health.  Max will explain mediation analysis giving a worked example from his research on socioeconomic position and depression.  John will discuss latent variables and structural equation modelling with examples from his research on access to primary care. 

All welcome