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MED Seminar with Professor Peter Sainsbury & Professor Lynne Madden

Norwich Medical School welcomes you to attend a Seminar with presentations from Professor Peter Sainsbury and Professor Lynne Madden on Friday 18th December 2015, 11—3pm, JSC 2.03

Please contact Ruth Flather ( if you would like to attend part or all of this event.

Peter Sainsbury is Director of Population Health in South Western Sydney Local Health District, Australia. He also holds adjunct Professorial appointments at Notre Dame University Medical School, Sydney, the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of NSW, and the School of Public Health, University of Sydney, and is Vice President of the Climate and Health Alliance (

Lynne Madden is the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching at the School of Medicine Sydney for Notre Dame University Australia and President-Elect of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine. She is interested in both expanding the evidence base that informs the delivery of postgraduate work-based education and emerging areas of public health work, and has published on these topics. She is currently focusing on how to incorporate climate change into the medical curriculum of health professionals.

Event Details

11:00       Coffee and informal discussion

12:00      Peter Sainsbury— Health and the built environment – experiences from NSW, Australia

The second half of the 20th century saw the development of urban forms that are not conducive to good health (e.g. streets designed around cars, erosion of public transport, poorly maintained public space, long distances between home, work, shopping and recreation, the ubiquity of fast rather than fresh food, and large environmental footprints). We now have good evidence about forms of the built environment that are more health promoting and we have tools (e.g. health impact assessment and checklists) that can help to inject ‘health’ into the planning process. However, the evidence is poor about the best ways of using the evidence and tools to influence planning legislation, policy and rules, especially bearing in mind the inevitably highly contested and politicised nature of land use planning. Peter will describe some of the practical work with planning agencies, local councils and developers, advocacy activities and research conducted by health workers in NSW over the last 15 years to nudge  planning towards the design and construction of more health promoting built environments.

13:00        Lunch

13:30      Lynne Madden—The medical degree: experiences from Sydney

The medical degree at the School of Medicine, Sydney (SoMS) University of Notre Dame Australia is a 4 year long postgraduate program. It is a young program and first commenced in 2008.  In 2017 the current MB BS program will transition to an MD. This presents a number of challenges and interesting opportunities. One opportunity is the incorporation of climate change and health into the curriculum and, for a small number of students, having climate change and health as a focus for the projects that they will complete for their MD. Lynne will describe some of the changes that will be incorporated into the MD and the initial developments to support the inclusion of Climate Change  and sustainability. Lynne is very interested in the work that is underway at Norwich  Medical School and the SHE Network in this area.

14:30    Informal discussion

Please contact Ruth Flather ( if you would like to attend part or all of this event.