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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Annual Research Awards 2017

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences hosted the annual Research Awards ceremony on the 28th of February, in the Council Chamber building at UEA. The awards ceremony celebrated the diversity of expertise and experience to be found among our vibrant research and teaching community and it was also a chance to highlight some of the excellent enterprise opportunities taking place across our faculty. This year there were two new prizes up for grabs. Firstly, we wanted to recognise research activity that had resulted in any enterprise outputs such as patents, consultancy opportunities or spin out companies: the Enterprise from Research prize.  Secondly, in recognition of the excellent and diverse teaching experience that has also resulted in enterprise and engagement opportunities we also offered an Enterprise and Engagement from Teaching prize.

Winners of the FMH 2017 Annual Research Awards ceremony

The winner of this year’s Enterprise from Research prize was Dr Justin O’Grady for the opportunities that have arisen from his groups work on novel methods for depleting host nucleic acid from clinical samples to enable better metagenomics sequencing based diagnosis of infections. This work has led to a patent and the following paper is an example of the work that led to the patent.

K. Schmidt, S. Mwaigwisya, L. C. Crossman, M. Doumith, D. Munroe, C. Pires, A. M. Khan, N. Woodford, N. J. Saunders, J. Wain, J. O'Grady* (corresponding author), D. M. Livermore (2017). Identification of bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial resistance directly from clinical urines by nanopore-based metagenomic sequencing. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 72(1):104-114.

The winner of the Enterprise and Engagement from Teaching prize was Professor Veena Rodrigues. Professor Rodrigues has created a wide reaching Clinical Educator Development Initiative that includes consultancy opportunities, the development of the FutureLearn Clinical Supervision with Confidence massive open online course (MOOC), which is Europe’s first medical education MOOC addressing faculty development of health professions educators, as well as the development of research-informed online CPD courses at UEA. For more information please refer to the publication below and a link to the MOOC is also available.

Rodrigues VC, Leinster S. ‘Clinical Supervision with Confidence’: Exploring the potential of MOOCs for Faculty Development. In: Khalil M, Ebner M, Kopp M Lorenz A, Kalz M, editors. Proceedings of the European Stakeholder Summit on experiences and best practice in and around MOOCs (EMOOCs 2016), 2016 Feb 22-24; Graz, Austria. Norderstedt, Germany: Books on Demand GmbH. P. 287-95. Available at: ISBN 9783739237107

Clinical Supervision with Confidence Course website: