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The Appliance of Science

March the 9th saw the Times Higher Education publish a league table that highlights the top International Universities that have the Most Industrial Partners. the most collaborations with Industry When it comes to the most collaborations with Industry, the US, South Korea, Germany, France and Sweden outstrip the UK with the number of Universities in the Top 50.  In fact, there are just three British Universities ranked in the Top 50.  Imperial College London is centrally ranked at number 23, and The Institute of Cancer Research sneaks into the Top 10 at number 9. However, the top ranked British University for Industry collaborations is the University of East Anglia that is comfortable placed at number five. The Times Higher Education rankings are based on the proportion of research papers published in collaboration with Industry. In t op spot is the Pohang University of Science and Korea, which published a significant 22.98 % of research publications with Industry collaborators, but the UEA the top ranked UK University in the table also makes it into double figures with 10.23%.

* data obtained from Times Higher Education March 9th 2017