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Norwich Medical School welcome QuintilesIMS visit to the Bob Champion Research and Education Building (BCRE)

On Friday the 15th September we were delighted to welcome two senior leaders from QuintilesIMS to the Norwich Medical School; Adam Collier Director, Real World Evidence, NEMEA Region and Adam Lloyd, Senior Principal, Health Economics.

They were the guests of Prof Ric Fordham (Norwich Medical School, UEA)and Dr Karen Smith (Research and Innovation Services)  who were keen to showcase the breadth and depth of UEA research in health economics, epidemiology, economics and big data.

QIMS heard a series of very interesting talks:

  • Introduction to Health Economics Consultancy
    Prof Ric Fordham (Health Economics Consulting, Norwich Medical School, UEA)
  • Patient and public preferences for health and healthcare
    Prof Jenny Whitty (Health Economics, Norwich Medical School, UEA)
  • Use of Pharma Sales data in competition economics
    Dr Farasat Bokhari (School of Economics, UEA)
  • Investigating longevity and longevity improvement using THIN primary care database
    Dr Lisanne Gitsels (School of Computing Sciences, UEA)
  • Counting on arthritis
    Prof Alex MacGregor (Genetic Epidemiology, Norwich Medical School, UEA)

The talks were followed by positive discussions over lunch between our guests, Ric, Karen, Sue Johnson (Manager of UEA Consulting) and Mark Chapman (Faculty Manager, Norwich Medical School).

QuintilesIMS is an American multinational serving the combined industries of health information technologies and clinical research. It is a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services with a network of more than 50,000 employees conducting business in approximately 100 countries. It is the world’s largest contract research organization and is focused primarily on Phase II-IV clinical trials and associated laboratory and analytical services.