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AstraZeneca Visit Norwich Research Park

Wednesday 29 March 2017 was an exciting opportunity for scientists from AstraZeneca to meet with scientists from the University of East Anglia (UEA) during the AstraZeneca Open Innovation Visit. The visit took place at the Centrum, on the Norwich Research Park. Dr Samuel Fountain, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology and Director of Employability in the School of Biological Sciences welcomed the visitors to our university and Professor Dylan Edwards the Executive Faculty Dean for the Faculty of Medicine and Health provided a research overview on behalf of the UEA. The morning session concluded with the representatives from AstraZeneca introducing Open Innovations (creating scientific progress through collaborations). The afternoon was taken up with a series of productive meetings between Dr David Andrews, Associate Director, Discovery Sciences,

Innovative Medicine and Early Development; Dr Radoslaw Polanski, Senior Scientist; Dr David Smith, Principal Scientist; and Dr Andrew Whittaker, Clinical Science Associate Director, Emerging Innovations Unit, SP&A and members of UEA’s research community. Professor Laura Bowater, the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health commented that ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for scientists at the UEA to highlight their research expertise to a wider research community. UEA has a lot to offer and is always open to collaborate in order to overcome difficult R&D barriers to seek solutions to global problems.’

Photo Credits Dr Karen Smith, Research Innovation Division; Dr David Andrews Associate Director Discovery Sciences, Innovative Medicine and Early Development AZ; Dr Samuel Fountain, UEA BIO; Dr Andrew Whittaker Clinical Science Associate Director ,Emerging Innovations Unit, SP&A AZ; Dr David Smith Principal Scientist AZ;   Dr Radoslaw Polanski Senior Scientist AZ.