Overseas Applicants for Entry in 2017 Overseas Applicants for Entry in 2017

Professor Ken Laidlaw and Dr Siân Coker have recently travelled Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia (October 2016) and Dr Siân Coker and Dr Paul Fisher have travelled to Norway (January 2017) to further develop our international partnerships and training links in these countries. During these visits they gave a number of presentations on Clinical Psychology in the UK and applying to Train as a Clinical Psychologist at UEA.

We have considered a small number of self-funding overseas applicants for entry from 2014 onwards and currently we have a number of international students in each training cohort. Self-funding trainees are required to support themselves financially (e.g. living expenses in the UK) throughout training. Applicants must meet the same entry criteria as those applying for NHS funded places and must also have overseas fees status. Applications are made via the Clearing House for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology. For further information about the Programme, please contact Dr Siân Coker, Deputy Programme Director / Dr Paul Fisher International Tutor.