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Patient Safety Human Factors



UEA, Norwich

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Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Health Professionals, Ambulance Service, Operating Department, Health and Social Care

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To be confirmed


To be confirmed

Course Description

Human Factors looks at how human error can often be a major factor in many significant errors in healthcare. Delegates will be analysing well documented events from healthcare and other industries such as aviation in an attempt to see how systems processes can fail if human factors are not considered.

What will I learn?

•  How developing an understanding in Human Factors and Ergonomics can help to improve patient safety.
•  Learning from error. How open are we as healthcare professionals at admitting our mistakes?
•  What processes are involved when an incident/near miss form is completed. Who is involved and at what stage?
•  How can we improve the care we give by the lessons we have learned and how do we make meaningful change in practice?
•  What role Root Cause Analysis plays in improving patient safety and do we always get to the root cause?

Course Director

Anthony Jermy