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Pathophysiology Level 6 Module



UEA, Norwich

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Nursing, Ambulance Service, Operating Department, Health and Social Care

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Advanced Practice


7 Days







Course Description

Pathophysiology for Health Care Professionals is a module which may be chosen for completion of a BSc program affiliated to the students professional registration (e.g. the proposed new course BSc (Hons) Acute, Continuing Emergency Practice, BSc (Hons) Nursing Practice, BSc (Hons) Midwifery Practice, and  BSc (Hons) Healthcare Practice.

Rationale for the Module

In order to understand the multiple and interrelated signs and symptoms of disordered physiology it is important for the health care practitioner to have a sound knowledge of the homeodynamic nature of human body functioning. The pathophysiology module will enable the practitioner to expand knowledge of inter-dependent functioning or malfunctioning at a systemic/cellular/chemical level in the understanding of physiological homeostasis-health and pathophysiological homeostatic imbalances-illness.  The module will then enable the healthcare practitioner to apply in-depth knowledge to underpin their practice to the benefit of the patient.

It is also proposed that some of the sessions will be advertised as study half- day sessions to all health care professionals throughout the region in order to generate income as a result of the school's diversification strategic financial plans.

Is this Course for me?

Students on this module are drawn from a variety of clinical backgrounds, thus clinical relevance will be generalised and not specific to any one clinical specialism. For this reason, lectures and class sessions must only be viewed as a framework for knowledge development.

What will I learn?

•  Critically evaluate the statement that that health, illness and clinical intervention is based on nature-nurture interactions
• Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of homeostatic theory to healthcare interventions
• Explore an in -depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of physiology/pathophysiology at a cellular-biochemical level
• Demonstrate a critical awareness of the analogy between the ‘health - illness’ continuum and the ‘homeostatic - homeostatic imbalances’ continuum.

How will I learn?

Face to Face learning

Study Dates


* Please be advised that course dates and timings may change

Course Director

Laura Ginesi

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