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Managing Yourself and Leading Others (Level 6)



UEA, Norwich

Event Category:

Nursing, Allied Health Professionals, Ambulance Service, Operating Department

Start Date

September 2018 TBC

Service Priority

Leadership, Service improvement and innovation


7 Days







Course Description

Do you want to learn about theories of leadership and skills needed for an enhanced level of practice? The aim of this module is to support you, the practitioner, to develop a critical understanding of efficient and effective leadership in order to manage yourself and lead others. The overall objective of the module is to empower you to lead innovative change and organisational development through the fostering of a sense of shared sense of leadership and responsibility for the success of the organisation and the development of quality services.

What will I learn?

By the end of this module you will be able to demonstrate:
• Emerging personal leadership qualities and integrity
• Insightful critical reflection and self-assessment of how personal values, beliefs, qualities and interests influence affect others (reflexivity) 
• Effective self-assessment and self-management
• Critical analysis and evaluation of personal/professional and leadership capabilities though reflection on feedback from a range of sources
• Expertise in working with others developing and maintaining effective networks and relationships
• Effective participation in a range of leadership and learning activities which are effectively evidenced 
• Evaluation of own development and that of others

How will I learn?

Face to Face learning


To be confirmed

Independent Study

To be confirmed


To be confirmed

*Please be advised that course dates and timings may change

Course Director

Jackie Phipps

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