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Advanced Stoma Care Level 7 Online Module



University of East Anglia, Norwich

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Advanced Practice







Course Description

This module aims to enable stoma care specialist nurses to build in-depth and extensive knowledge, understanding and skills applied to all aspects of their role through critical evaluation of and reflection on their own professional responsibilities, the context in which they practice and the diverse and complex needs of the patient population they serve. Varied and innovative teaching and learning methods aim to develop critical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving and decision-making appropriate, and directly applied to, an advanced level of stoma care nursing practice.  


The module will aim to advance students’ specialist stoma care practice across the four pillars of advanced practice (Clinical, Research, Education, Management/leadership) and to develop and apply the underpinning principles of advanced practice within their specialist role, namely autonomous practice, critical thinking, high levels of decision-making and problem-solving, values-based care, improving practice (NHS Education for Scotland, 2007).


What will I learn?


The learning objectives for this module are to provide stoma care specialist nurses with:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the diverse patient pathways within which individuals require stoma-forming surgery, including related anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, case presentation, associated interventions, investigations, pharmacology, surgical interventions;
  • Advanced knowledge, understanding and application of the clinical and professional skills required to provide exemplary evidence-based, person-centred care;
  • Personal and professional insight into their own level of competence and confidence in the four pillars of advanced practice and an ability to reflect on and identify areas for self-improvement;
  • Critical appreciation of the local, national and international context in which they practice, and the knowledge and skills to work as a key member of a clinical team providing a high quality stoma care nursing service as part of a wider multidisciplinary team.

How will I learn?

Online Module


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Course Director

Dr Gabrielle Thorpe


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