Bespoke facilities to aid teaching and research Bespoke facilities to aid teaching and research

Microsoft Surface TabletThe Clinical Anatomy Department can be found in the Queen's Building. It comprises a large seven-person office, a laboratory which can accommodate up to 90 students, walk-in fridge, model storage room, recently refurbished embalming suite and a well-stocked technical preparation area.

Resources and teaching facilities include:

  • 11 bespoke ventilated cadaveric tables

  • 11 embalmed cadavers for demonstrating or dissecting

  • Up to four fresh-frozen cadavers for dissecting

  • A vast selection of expertly dissected cadaveric specimens

  • A live and recordable camera feed projected over 8 large HD television monitors

  • More than 200 high-quality anatomical models

  • 10 Microsoft Surface tablets with 3D anatomy software

  • A large collection of anatomy and embryology textbooks and atlases

  • 10 x-ray display boxes

  • A large selection of plain film x-rays displaying pathological and normal anatomy

  • 11 sets of single bones and skeleton models

All facilities are compliant with, and approved under, the legislation of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), respecting clear roles and high standard protocols for our teaching and research of human anatomy.