Mathematics as a Gateway Mathematics as a Gateway

A maths degree is the gateway to a wide variety of careers, and our mathematics graduates are among the most highly sought-after at UEA. Organisations are keen to employ our mathematicians for their ability to analyse problems, formulate questions and find solutions, whether in research, business, industry or government.

The mathematics in our degrees (and the mathematicians' habit of asking questions) will not go out of date. The knowledge and mental disciplines that are the rewards from studying a Mathematics degree will last a lifetime: the qualification can support a job-change or a promotion much later in your working career.

Examples of areas in which UEA mathematicians find appointments include business, accountancy, banking and insurance, IT and the internet, management, government statistics, meteorology and environmental science, engineering design and teaching. There is also research: around 10 per cent work in a university or at a research institution or in industry. Each year several of our students stay in the department after graduation to conduct research by studying for a PhD research degree in mathematics.

The UEA Careers and Employability Service gives students the support they need to find out how skills and qualifications can match potential jobs. They also give advice on finding vacancies, interview techniques and how you can write your curriculum vitae effectively in support of job or higher-degree applications.

The School of Mathematics organises regular career events, including recent graduates returning to talk about how their degrees have helped their careers, and the opportunity for mathematicians in their particular fields.