Ordering and purchasing volumes of the Norwich Papers Ordering and purchasing volumes of the Norwich Papers

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Volume 1. Media Studies (1994)
Volume 2. Essays in Annotated Translation (1994)
Volume 3. Hans Christian Andersen: Translation Problems and Perspectives (1995)
Volume 4. Essays in Memory of Michael Parkinson and Janine Dakyns (1996)
Volume 5. Essays in Translation (1997)
Volume 6. Essays on Translation (1998)
Volume 7. Literary Translation: Theory and Practice (1999)
Volume 8. Translation and Creativity (2000)
Volume 9. Translation and Multiculturalism (2001)
Volume 10. Freedom and Constraints: The Spectrum of Translation (2002)
Volume 11. Translation and Metaphor (2003)
Volume 12. A la recherche du sens perdu: Choices in Translation (2004)
Volume 13. Ethics and Politics of Translation (2005)
Volume 14. Identities: The Role of Translation in Global and National Contexts (2006)
Volume 15. The Translator as Writer (2007)
Volume 16. Experiments in Translation (2008)
Volume 17. Translation / Transculture
Volume 18. Written Out. Translating Exclusion

Volume 19. 'It just doesn't sound right.' - Translation and intuition (2012)
Volume 20. The Next BIG Thing - Current Trends in Translation (2012)
Volume 21: In The Mind's Eye: Translation in a Visual Age (2014)
Volume 22: Voice and Silence in Translation

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