I was awarded a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the School of English and American Studies at UEA in 2002, an MA in Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies from the same department in 2003 and my doctorate in 2010, for which I was co-supervised between the Schools of Literature and World Art Studies, also at UEA.

I have taught in the School of Literature at UEA for five years and in 2010 was appointed as a Postdoctoral Lecturing Fellow. I currently teach Literature in History I, Medieval Writing and Reading Texts, as well as contributing to the Critical Practice-Creative Learning undergraduate programme and the MA in Medieval and Renaissance Textual Cultures. Click here for information about the innovative MA in Medieval and Early Modern Textual Cultures pathway on offer at UEA in the School of Literature.

I am a co-founder and organiser of UEA’s Medieval Discussion Group which meets periodically during term time and aims to facilitate contacts and conversations between medievalists across all Schools at UEA. For more information please email:

Key Research Interests

My primary research interests concern the relationship between literature, context and culture, the construction and dissemination of individual and collective identities and relationships between literature and other cultural artefacts.

My doctoral thesis explores the social and political construction of sanctity with reference to the cult of St Edmund, king and martyr, in medieval East Anglia. It is an interdisciplinary project that utilises sources and approaches from a variety of disciplines (principally literature and art history, but also social history and anthropology) in order to develop a new methodology for the investigation of the cult of saints. I am particularly interested in the inter-relationship between various media, especially the way in which visual sources respond to, and interact with, written texts.

I would be happy to supervise dissertations in any of these, or related, areas and any aspect of medieval literary culture.

External Activities and Indicators of Esteem

  • Nov. 2010 - One-day medieval workshop for high school students, in collaboration with School of History (UEA)
  • Aug. 2010 - Summer school sessions for high school students (UEA)
  • June 2009 - 'Discovering St Edmund in the Parish Church', talk to Wickham Skeith (Suffolk) Local History Group
  • Jan. 2007 - 'Images of St Edmund in Norfolk & Suffolk Churches', Centre for East Anglian Studies Associates' Day (UEA)
  • Nov. 2008 - The Cult of St Edmund in Medieval East Anglia, a day-long workshop commissioned by Wuffing Education, delivered at Sutton Hoo (Suffolk)
  • 2005-07 - Project leader, guided tours re-development project, Norwich Anglican Cathedral

Administrative Posts

  • 2010-11 (Autumn semester) - Disability Representative
  • 2010-11 - Equal Opportunities Representative