Study a language at UEA: Free Language offer Study a language at UEA: Free Language offer

If you are a new first year undergraduate student enrolled in one of the degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, you will be able to take a language for free alongside the first year of your degree. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities consists of the schools of PPL, History, AMA, LDC and the Interdiscliplinary Institute for the Humanities. Any student outside of these schools must pay for the modules.

If you are a student of the school of Politics, Philosophy, Language & Communication Studies, you will be able to take a language for free alongside your entire degree.

What does it mean to study a language alongside your degree?

From September 2016 all first year undergraduate students in HUM, along with all PPL students, will be able to take a language for free as a non-credit option. This means that every semester you can enrol in one of the University Language Programme daytime modules. As it is a non-credit option, the language module will not appear on your degree transcript. However, once you have completed the module, you will be able to request a certificate of attendance.

What language modules are available in the free language offer?

The students taking the free language option will be able to enrol in any of the modules advertised on our Module Options page, subject to availability.

Important Information

Please note that non-credit students will be enrolled in modules, together with students taking the modules for credit, and the same amount of dedication and engagement is required. If non-credit students miss two consecutive seminars with no justification, they will be automatically withdrawn from the module.

The language choices will be subject to availability and it will depend on the vacancies available for each module. Credit students will have priority.

If you would like to enroll in a language course other than beginners, you might be required to have a level test to check your language level. Contact your language tutor for more information.