Language and Communication Students are highly employable Language and Communication Students are highly employable

Our Graduates are highly employable and go into an extremely wide range of professions. Some use their language skills all day everyday, some from time to time, others rarely, but they all have excellent communication skills and  highly developed intercultural sensitivity.

Continuing globalisation and a fast-expanding translation industry combined with a decrease in the number of UK language graduates mean that there are an increasing number of exciting jobs for our students in the UK and beyond. Our graduates fare very well in this market, with a level of employability that is higher than the national average for language graduates.

The range of professions that our graduates go into is very extensive and the intercultural sensitivity, maturity, enhanced communication and presentation skills (on which we place considerable emphasis in our teaching) that students develop stand them in very good stead for all kinds of professions, providing great flexibility and increased earning power.

Alongside specific expertise in the traditional language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, our students also enhance their transferable skills in time management, self-discipline and self-motivation, flexibility and resourcefulness, mediation skills, IT literacy and teamwork.

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