Morten Hviid is the Director of the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy (since August 2011) as well as one of its founding members. He joined UEA Law School in September 2004. Prior to joining the Law School he held posts in the Economics Departments at University of Copenhagen and University of Warwick and in the School of Economic and Social Studies, University of East Anglia.

Morten holds an MA and a PhD in Economics from University of Warwick as well as an economic degree from University of Aarhus, Denmark. He has been a visiting Scholar at Yale University, University of California Berkeley and University of Copenhagen. 

Morten is a former editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics and associate editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization. He is also a former member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE).


Key Research Interests

My past and current research falls in the areas of competition law, industrial economics, tort law and contract law.  I take an economics approach to legal research and in particular make use of game theory to analyse strategic situations where relevant actors are aware of their effects on each other.  My research has been published in economics journals, law journals and law & economics journals such as the Economic Journal, European Competition Journal, European Law Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and World Competition. 

My current research is focused on two areas:  

·         Private enforcement of competition law;  

·         Practices which facilitate collusive behaviour.

My research has been or are being funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, The Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Office of Fair Trading, The Legal services Board and Ofcom.


Teaching Interests

  • Morten is currently teaching the LLM option: Theory of Competition Markets.
  • He has in the past been involved in the delivery of a number of modules. On the undergraduate programme: Tort and UK Competition Law. On the taught masters programme: Law Policy & Economics of Competition, Regulation of Network Industries in the UK And EU, Current Issues in National Competition Regimes, Advanced Competition Law, as well as a seminar on Research & Writing for dissertation.
  • He has also taught a short course on “Game theory for non-economists” to postgraduate research students and will be teaching a short course on “The economics approach to law” to postgraduate research students in Spring 2014.
  • He has supervised more than 30 doctoral students and is willing to supervise in all areas of competition law, with a particularly interest in private enforcement of competition law.
  • In addition to teaching on university degree programmes, he has also taught short practitioners oriented bespoke courses in procurement and in competition law.

External Activities and Indicators of Esteem

Morten has contributed both CCP’s blog and various newsletters aimed as a broader readership.


  • Supermarket Price Guarantees - and then there were three, 14 October 2011
  • Who should pay for competition law enforcement? 23 May 2011.
  • Why Private Enforcement should be Reformed alongside Public Enforcement, 3 May 2011.
  • The End to Competition Between Major UK Supermarkets?, 14 May 2010
  • What signal is Tesco giving by withdrawing ‘double the difference’?, April 29, 2011
  • Cardiff Bus: Exemplary Damages in Follow-on Cases, July 23, 2012.
  • Do Pub Tenants need a Special Regulator to Adjudicate Contracts with Pub Owners? January 15, 2013

Newsletter articles

  • Healthy choice?, ESRC Magazine: Britain in 2014, September 2013
  • Private enforcement of predation cases, CCP Bulletin 23, November 2012
  • Demand for Healthcare, CCP Bulletin 22, May 2012
  • Procurement by dominant buyers, CCP newsletter 21, May 2011
  • Competition and Fairness: Non-discrimination clauses in the retail energy sector (with Catherine Waddams Price), CCP newsletter 19, May 2010.
  • Who benefits from price guarantees, ESRC Magazine: Britain in 2010, p. 81.
  • Promises, promises, CCP newsletter 18, November 2009.
  • Too good to be true, CCP newsletter 16, February 2008
  • Helping those that help themselves? The benefits of active customers, (with Luke Garrod), Agenda, Oxera, August 2008
  • The Benefits of Active Consumers (with Luke Garrod), CCP newsletter 15, November 2008
  • The Aims of Private Enforcement of Competition Law, CCP newsletter 11, November 2006
  • Money off for bad behaviour, (with Andreas Stephan), CCP newsletter 9, November 2005
  • The Ryanair State Aid Case, CCP newsletter 6, May 2004
  • Watching Pricewatch, CCP newsletter 3, September 2002
  • Private Enforcement of Competition Law, CCP Newsletter 2, Winter 2001/2002.

Professional Activities

Morten has acted as an advisor to the Office of Fair Trading, the Department of Constitutional Affairs (now Ministry of Justice) and the UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom.

As a member of the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy, he has responded to numerous public consultations listed below. Details can be downloaded from CCP's website at

  • Michael Harker, Morten Hviid, Antje Kreutzmann-Gallasch and Catherine Waddams response to BIS Select Committee 'Competition for UK postal sector and the universal service obligation', October 2014.
  • Morten Hviid, Franco Marriuzzo and Catherine Waddams response to HM Treasury 'Minimum Excise Tax', October 2014.
  • David Deller, Morten Hviid and Antje Kreutzmann-Gallasch response to Ofcom 'Comsumer Switchin - Next Stepts and Call for Inputs', October 2014.
  • David Deller, Morten Hviid, Catherine Waddams and Minyan Zhu response to CMA 'Energy Market Investigation - Statement of Issues', August 2014.
  • Morten Hviid, Despoina Mantzari and Catherine Waddams response to Ofgem, 'Consulation on a proposal to make a market investigation reference in respect of the supply and acquisition of energy in Great Britain', May 2014.
  • David Deller, Morten Hviid, Joo Young Jeon, Despoina Mantzari, Catherine Waddams and Minyan Zhu response to Ofgem, 'Protecting Consumers in collective switching schemes', April 2014.
  • Morten Hviid, Bruce Lyons and Andreas Stephan response to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) consultation document: "Vision, values and strategy for the CMA," November 2013
  • Morten Hviid, Bruce Lyons, Andreas Stephan and Catherine Waddams response to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, "Streamlining Regulatory and Competition Appeals: Consultation on Options for Reform. September 2013
  • Morten Hviid and Sebastian Peyer response to Government's Draft Consumer Rights Bill, August 2013
  • Farasat Bokhari, Charlotte Davies, Steve Davies, Sven Gallasch, Mary Guy, Rob Heywood and Morten Hviid response to Monitor consultations, June 2013
  • Morten Hviid response to Department of Business, Innovation & Skills: Pub companies and tenants: a government consultation, April 2013
  • Morten Hviid and Catherine Waddams response to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills - BIS consultation on extending the range of remedies available to public enforcers of consumer law. January 2013.
  • Morten Hviid and Pinar Akman response to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills document "Consultation on the early implementation of a ban on above cost payment surcharges", October 2012
  • Response to BIS consultation on ‘Private actions in competition law: A consultation on Options for Reform’ (with Bruce Lyons, Sebastian Peyer and Duncan Sheehan), July 2012.
  • Response to Ofcom consultation 'Consumer Switching - A consultation on proposals to change the process for switching fixed voice and broadband providers on the openreach copper network (with Daithi Mac Sithigh), May 2012.
  • Response to Ofgem consultation 'The Undue Discrimination Prohibition' (with Catherine Waddams), April 2012.
  • Response to Ofgem consultation 'The Retail Market Review: Domestic Proposals' (with Graham Loomes and Catherine Waddams), February 2012
  • Response to OFT consultation on 'Leniency and Penalties' (with Anna Rita Bennato, Bruce Lyons, Peter Ormosi, Sebastian Peyer, Andreas Stephan, Scott Summers and Frederick Wandschneider), December 2011.
  • Written Evidence Submitted to the Health Select Committee Social Care inquiry (with Ruth Hancock, Marcello Morciano, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Derek King, Juliette Malley, Linda Pickard, Raphael Wittenberg), October 2011.
  • Response to BIS consultation "A Competition Regime for Growth: A Consultation on Options for Reform" (with Pinar Akman, Bruce Lyons, Andreas Stephan and Catherine Waddams), September 2011
  • Response to Ofgem consultation 'The Retail Market Review - Findings and Initial Proposals (RMR), June 2011, (with Catherine Ball, Graham Loomes and Catherine Waddams)
  • Response to EC consultation 'Towards a Coherent European Approach to Collective Redress' (with Sebastian Peyer), April 2011.
  • Responses to Responses to ‘Objections to the Hong Kong Competition Bill’ (with Andreas Stephan and Catherine Waddams), February 2011.
  • Response to MoJ consultation ‘Controlling costs in defamation proceedings CP4/09’ (with Alastair Mullis), April 2009.
  • Response to EC White Paper on Damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules, July 2008