Felix is a PhD Candidate in Law. He was educated at the University of Jena and obtained his German Diploma in Law with distinction in 2015. Afterwards he joined UEA to undertake his LLM studies in International Commercial and Business Law, for which he achieved the E-Fellows Scholarship from UEA. After being awarded with the Faculty of Social Sciences Studentship for his PhD studies he started working on his thesis in October 2016.

Besides a significant number of work experiences with German and International Law Firms, Felix has also worked as a Research Associate for Dr Sebastian Peyer, funded by the Centre for Competition Policy (CCP).

Key Research Interests

Felix’ main research interest is in media law. His PhD concerns the right of reply on the internet, the press and the broadcast. It adopts a comparative approach on how well individual rights are being protected by the law and the associated consequences when it comes to an infringement through the media. His thesis is focussing on the situation in the United Kingdom and Germany.

He is also analysing the amendment of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive (AVMSD) and its effects on the regulation of linear and non - linear media services.