David completed his PhD from the University of East Anglia in 2014. His doctoral thesis investigated whether existing law and governance mechanisms were suitable in controlling non-executive self-interest. David used multiple directorships as a proxy for this assessment. The study looked at legal liability rules and enforcement before conducting a quantitative empirical assessment investigating the link between non-executive remuneraiton and multiple appointments in UK public firms. The research has since been published in academic and practical journals.

David has been a lecturer in law since 2012 and joined the University as a lecturer in 2017. He has taught a range of subjects including research methods, contract law, company law, commercial law, international commercial law, and comparative sales law.

David operates a blog about his areas of interest in academic, with posts ranging from research interests, teaching matters, and university life.

David has previously played hockey for his school team, and was part of his Universities' rowing teams. In his spare time David now enjoys running, having competed in several races. He is hoping to complete the Norwich half marathon in 2018 in under 1:30hrs. He also supports his local animal sanctury and has adopted 3 cats.

Key Research Interests

David's current research interests include company law, corporate governance, law relating to fiduciaries, contract law, organisation theory, quantitative methods in law. David is willing to supervise proects in these areas.

Teaching Interests

David teaches company law and comparative international sales law at undergraduate and postgraduate level respectively. David has previously taught contract law at the University. He has also supervised dissertations in comparative company law and comparative sales law.