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Raina Victor awarded Head of School Prize for Outstanding Contribution

UEA Law School Undergraduate Degree
Raina (left) receives her award from interim Head of School Claudina Richards

Congratulations to LLB graduate Raina Victor who was awarded the 2017 Head of School Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Law School.

The annual prize, worth £1000, is awarded on congregation day to a law student who has made a significant contribution to the School during their undergraduate studies.

Throughout her degree, Raina was an integral part of the UEA Law Clinic’s Community Outreach programme ‘Street Law’ and volunteered over 200 hours of her time to the project. She was the first LLB undergraduate to introduce writing mock trials, thereby enhancing the student-led nature of the scheme and adding a unique feature to the programme. Raina proved an excellent ambassador for the Law School and consistently received extremely positive feedback from teachers and young pupils for the sessions she delivered. In 2016-17, Raina represented the School at a national conference where she presented her work with the Street Law committee to an audience of professors and solicitors. She also contributed to the University’s Learning and Teaching Day.  

In addition, Raina acted as treasurer of the UEA Law Society for two years. She was an active and popular member of the committee and worked hard to contribute to the student experience.

We asked Raina to reflect on her thoroughly deserved accolade:

“I am absolutely honoured to have been awarded the Head of School prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Law School this year. A lot of my wonderful three years at UEA can be attributed to the opportunities made available to me, particularly by the Law School.

I joined the Street Law committee halfway through my first-year and headed it up in my final year, during which the committee oversaw the recruitment and training of 100+ student volunteers. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them to run interactive sessions, such as social media days, across schools in East Anglia to help increase pupils’ awareness and engagement with the law. Here, I fostered excellent relationships with staff, and more importantly, showed pupils that pursuing university or a legal education can be, and is, an option – making the often very cold and early starts worth it!

Additionally, I became the first undergraduate student to write materials, such as mock trials, for the scheme, which received positive feedback and is now part of the core materials used in schools. I also presented at a national conference and spoke at the University’s Learning and Teaching Day, both of which helped to increase the profile of the unique student-led nature of the UEA Street Law programme.

Furthermore, I was Treasurer of the UEA Law Society for two years, where I worked with the committee, staff and law firms to organise various careers and networking events to help improve students’ experience.

Without the support and encouragement of the lovely Law School staff and my peers, I would not have had the initial confidence to say “yes” and pursue a lot of the opportunities that led to these contributions. I am therefore incredibly humbled to have had this recognised in such a manner, and am excited to see what the future holds!”

Best of luck for the future Raina!

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