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Postgraduate Open Day - University of East Anglia

Study for your Master’s degree at the University of East Anglia.   UEA are holding a Postgraduate Open Day on Friday 14 November to showcase the range of courses offered by our Faculty of Social Sciences.   The Faculty is home to seven Schools of Study who work at the forefront of academic and professional development. Subject areas offered include: - Economics - Education & Lifelong Learning - International Development -...

Professor Peter Kunzlik - Upcoming lectures and conference

On 13 November 2104, Professor Peter Kunzlik, the Head of the UEA Law School will be giving a lecture on 'The New European Approach to the Regulation of Public Procurement' at the Asia Institute of International Financial Law at the Law School of the University of Hong Kong. On 17 November he will deliver a lecture at the Law School of the Shandong University, China on "The Regulation of the Award of Public Contracts in the European Union." On 16 June 2015 he will chair the session on...

Dr Paul Bernal - ‘The Right to be Forgotten in the Post Snowden Era’

    Dr Paul Bernal had an article ‘The Right to be Forgotten in the Post Snowden Era’ published in the October edition of the German magazine ‘Privacy in Germany - looking at the interaction between the right to be forgotten and mass surveillance, particularly in the light of the Google Spain ruling.                  

Dr Paul Bernal - 'Round table sessions'

On Tuesday 14th November, Paul Bernal took part in the ‘round table sessions’ of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament’s ‘Privacy and Security Inquiry’, an investigation into the many issues surrounding mass surveillance and the intelligence community.  

Law School Professor delivers keynote speech on "The UK Media and Human Rights" at the University of Liverpool - Friday 19th September

David Mead, Professor of UK Human Rights Law, spoke about the distorting effect of tabloid coverage of both domestic claims, under the Human Rights Act, and from Strasburg under the ECHR in a talk entitled "They offer you a feature on stockings and suspenders next to a call for stiffer penalties for sex offenders: do we learn more about the media than about human rights from tabloid coverage of human rights?". In it, David outlined ongoing research - a content analysis of reporting of...