One of the Law Clinic's most important activities is to help raise awareness of the law, and of legal issues and controversies, among the general public. Many of our students find the experience of passing on their knowledge to others both highly enjoyable and also extremely beneficial for their own studies – as well as inspirational to the people they come in contact with.

The Humanitarian Law Project for instance, was established in 2011 as a collaborative project between UEA Law School and the British Red Cross, giving law students the opportunity to develop presentations on International Humanitarian Law issues in small groups, which are delivered on behalf of the British Red Cross, to Schools of study within UEA, and to local schools and colleges. 

UEA's Street Law project has our students engaging with local schools and community groups, and participating in University Open Days and "Law Taster" events on campus. Street Law offers students the chance to develop their legal learning by introducing legal issues to a wider audience, so that, for example, school-age students may gain awareness of the law for themselves, via a range of fun-filled activities including mock trials, quizzes and game shows. 

If your school or community group would like to take advantage of our Street Law scheme, please contact Kristina Garner (Outreach Officer) by email: or telephone: 01603 593509. 

Community University Engagement (CUE)

UEA has a small dedicated Community University Engagement team, Julie Worrall and Ruth Selwyn-Crome, who are on hand to advise staff and students about different aspects of their engagement activity including ideas, planning, evaluation and impact.  Financial and practical assistance is also available via a Small Expenses Fund and the loan of equipment such as audio recorders.  You can find more information and case studies on the Community University Engagement website