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Microsoft Outlook Web Access

How to use Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

This brief guide will help you to:

Logging on.

To log on:
  • Type the following URL –
  • At the Outlook Web Access section click on login under Secure login. If your browser does not support secure logins then please select login under Insecure login.

Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to the login page. If you logged in using the secure method and are using Internet Explorer then you will be given security options. If you wish to see what these do then click on the (Show explanation) link. Generally the default selected option should be fine. 
  • Type your UEA username next to User name. E.g., s999
  • Enter your UEA password and then click on Log On.

The first folder you’ll see once you have logged in is your inbox. 

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Reading a Message.

To read a message sent to you:
  • Click on the item in the inbox

Only 25 emails per page are displayed. Further messages can be displayed by using the page navigation arrows above and to the right of the inbox.

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Reading a Message with an Attachment.

To read a message sent to you that contains an attached file:
  • Open the email containing the attachment. (Messages containing attachments have a paperclip to the far right of the subject line).
  • Click on the filename of the attachment which appears in the heading of the e-mail message.
  • A File Download box will be displayed. You can choose to Open or Save the attachment.
  • If you have chosen to save the attachment, select a location to save the file and click the Save button. You will need to retrieve the file from its saved location.

IMPORTANT: If you were not expecting the attachment, do NOT open it! Many viruses distribute themselves via e-mail, and opening the attachment or its contents can trigger an infection.

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Deleting a message.

To delete and remove a message:
  • Select a message by clicking on it and then either click on Delete at the top of the screen, press the Delete key on the keyboard, or right click on the message and choose Delete from the menu.

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Composing and Sending a Message.

To create and send a new message:
  • Click New at the top of the screen.
  • Next to To… type the full email address or click on the To… button to access the address list. Use the [TAB] key to move between boxes. Type the Subject: and then your message.
  • Click Send.

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Sending a Message with an Attachment.

To send a message containing an attached file:
  • Ensure that the file is closed before attaching. Compose the email message.
  • Click the on the paperclip (attach file) at the top of the message.
  • Locate the file and double click on it and the file will now be attached to your email and can be seen in the attached box in the email.
  • Click the Send icon.

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Accessing Messages in other Folders.

To access a message stored in an e-mail folder:
  • Click the desired folder under the Folders tab on the far left of the screen.
  • You can also access your Calendar and Contacts folders under this list or from the navigation buttons at the bottom left of the screen.

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Logging Off.

To finish and log off click the Sign out icon on the top right of the window.


IT Helpdesk: extension 2345 (external callers: 01603 592345),  Contact Helpdesk

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