Name Job Title
Dr Maria Abranches Lecturer in Social Anthropology
Miss Ines Afonso Roque Ferreira Research Student
Dr Sheila Aikman Senior Lecturer Education & Development
Dr Fariba Alamgir External Research Associate
Associate Tutor
Dr Edward Anderson Senior Lecturer in Development Studies
Dr Teresa Armijos Burneo Senior Research Associate
Professor Deryke Belshaw Emeritus Professor
Dr Tina Blaber-Wegg Associate Tutor
Professor Piers Blaikie Emeritus Professor
Ms Sandra Bogelein Associate Tutor
Mr Marc-Andre Boisvert Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Sophie Bremner Associate Tutor
Professor Peter Brimblecombe Emeritus Professor
Advisor in Exposure Science
Ms Verena Bruer Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Jessica Budds Senior Lecturer in Geography and International Development
Mr Floris Burgers Research Student
Associate Tutor
Mr Jean Cader Research Student
Professor Laura Camfield Professor of Development Research and Evaluation
Mrs Fethiye Burcu Ceylan Research Student
Mr Leonardo Chagas Research Student