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WorldView and the Guardian partner to launch an interactive multi-media project

WorldView, located in the School of International Development at the UEA, has partnered with the Guardian to produce a groundbreaking new media project to coincide with the first anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh.

It was the worst industrial accident anywhere in the world for a generation - more than 1,130 people died and twice as many again were injured. On 24 April 2013 a nine-storey factory collapsed on the outer edges of Dhaka. The victims were making clothes sold in western high street stores. Right now, you could be wearing something made by one of them.

How did the clothes you’re wearing get to you? ‘The shirt on your back’ traces the human cost of the Bangladeshi garment industry – using video, words and pictures. 


View and interact with the project, here - - and join in with the discussion