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UEA staff and alumni contribute to International Development career guide


A number of UEA staff and alumni contributed to ‘Working In International Development and Humanitarian Assistance: a Career Guide’ published by Routledge in April 2015. 

Author Maia Gedde is Country Manager for SPARK, a Dutch NGO working in entrepreneurship and job creation in Rwanda. She says: "I wanted the book be relevant to people at all stages of their career so the book draws on the experience from over 100 people from the sectors. It is as relevant to those exploring the sectors for the first time, as a first career or career changer; those searching for their first job; to those who already have a number of  years experience under their belt, charting their career path. The book is comprised of four different sections. The first is aimed at newcomers to the sector – including an overview of where you could work and who you could work for. People often just think NGOs and UN, but the range of employers is vast and useful to keep this as wide as possible during the job search. The second section is aimed at the job seeker, but also covers academic qualifications and how to get the most out of volunteering and internships. The third section is for the people like me – with a number of years experience in the sector but planning their career progression. The final section covers 54 different areas of speciality. People often say “I want to work in development” or “I want to be a humanitarian” but the sectors are so broad. Some specialisation is vital, although of course the ideal is having T-shaped skills: breadth of experience with the depth of specialisation. So this section covers Advocacy to WASH and everything in between – education, M&E, development communications programme management. With a case study of someone working in each of the specialisations and I will also be sharing some of these here."  

UEA staff and students can get a 20% discount when purchasing the book though - contact for the discount code!