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The State, Dams & Environmental Justice in Sudan

The State, Dams and Environmental Justice in Sudan - Mohammed Jalal Hashim with Herman Bell.

Monday 27th April 2015 at 3pm - Council House Chamber (UEA) 

The dialogue will probe state-society and power relations between the Sudanese government and people displaced by dams on the Nile River. The impact of the recently-completed Merowe and planned Kajbar and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dams will be compared and contrasted with those from the 1935 Jabal Awliya and 1964 High Aswan dams. The dams pit national development against displacement and cleavage of the people and cultures of the Nile.
Prof Mohammad Jalal is a Sudanese scholar of linguistics, and democracy and human rights activist (see, author of many books - including Sy Island (2015).
Prof Herman Bell is a Senior Research Fellow at Exeter University, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, author of Paradise Lost: Nubia before the 1964 Hijra, and a prominent specialist on Nubian languages and society.

This event is organised by the Global Environmental Justice Group of DEV - for more information please contact