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Shawn McGuire joins High Value Chemicals from Plants Network

A new Network, the High Value Chemicals from Plants Network, has been approved by BBSRC as one of 13 different academic-industry research consortia.  These networks will together receive £18m.  Shawn McGuire, from DEV, has been invited to be a member of this network as it builds a multi-disciplinary team of experts who can establish long-term strategic alliances, capable of undertaking innovative research and attracting further investment from UK and international sources.

The High Value Chemicals from Plants  Network is led by York University, and involves biologists and biochemists from many other UK universities, as well as the John Innes Centre.  Its aim is to build a large multi-disciplinary community of academic researchers and industrial partners to address key technology challenges limiting the development of high value chemical based products from plants. A key focus will be for the community to engage from the outset with experts in other disciplines, notable environmental impact, sustainability challenges, economics and policy.   

Shawn McGuire said “This is an interesting opportunity to bring social science and economics scholarship into closer discussion with cutting-edge biotechnology.  I hope this network may help link DEV colleagues to future innovative research bids.”