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Rethinking impact evaluation for development

The UEA School of International Development has made a large contribution to the newly released Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Bulletin, outlining how researchers should rethink impact evaluation for development.

The Bulletin compiles a set of papers from the Centre for Development Impact (CDI) inception meeting, at which DEV's Richard Palmer-Jones and Laura Camfield presented on quantitative and qualitative rigour in evaluation. Both were asked to submit a paper on bias in evaluation, which they co-wrote with Dr Maren Duvendack. The influence of DEV Researchers on the produced bulletin reflects the centrality of the UEA's evaluation research group to debates over quality in evaluation.

Within the contents of the bulletin is the paper 'Things you Wanted to Know about Bias in Evaluations but Never Dared to Think', attributed to the DEV researchers.

Recently, researchers from the UEA joined the Centre for Development Impact - which is an exciting initiative that contributes to learning and innovation in the field of impact evaluation.

The full news story from the Institute for Development Studies can be viewed here.