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DEV student research on the Indonesian rattan export ban published

An upcoming issue of the Journal of Forest Policy and Economics will publish an article by postgraduate research student Rodd Myers (supervised by Thomas Sikor and Adrian Martin) based on part of his DEV research.

The article focusses on the effects of a 2012 Indonesian ban on the export of un-processed rattan and shows that a significant amount of rattan is still smuggled out of the country, and that communities on rattan-producing (forest) islands are burdened with decreased livelihoods, forcing them to explore other options, which include clearing forest for plantations. International trade is one of the scales that Rodd includes in his research, which started in the Indonesian forest with producers and ended in UK furniture shops, covering everywhere in between. The article is available as follows:

Myers, R. 2014. What the Indonesian rattan export ban means for domestic and international markets, forests, and the livelihoods of rattan collectors. Forest Policy and Economics.